It was meant to be! Victor Delerue has finally landed his feet in some Vans boots. After stomping so many bangers and collecting massive video parts, the younger brother from the Delerue family has made a forename for himself. The frenchman is now one of the top backcountry riders in the world, being able to spine double corks and drop in on some of the steepest lines from the Alps to Alaska. This year he filmed for the full length Transworld movie « Insight » and the prestigious Brain Farm production « the Fourth Phase ». We are really excited to welcome such a smiley character in our team and we can't wait to see where his riding will go.

"It might sound cheesy but I have been wearing and buying Vans since I was a kid. Back then I'd never have thought that one day I will be part of such a prestigious family."

As a professional snowboarder I've been involved in many adventures, and its the people I'm working with down the road that make the whole journey something special. But at this stage in my career I wanted to feel the support of a partner with a true commitment to snowboarding, luckily that is the exact feeling I get from Vans, a very unique core brand dedicated to action sports² says Victor Delerue, newest member of the Vans snow family.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all things Victor in the forthcoming snow season.