August 24, 2021


A Festival About Women by Women.

The Queen is an association created by three long-time friends – Aimée, Amaya and Margaux.
They created this festival because they wanted an inclusive, authentic and hybrid event that looks like them and is far from surf clichés and closer to their own childhood experiences growing up in Biarritz.


The Queen is free.

It’s created by Biarrots and will take place at La Cote Des Basques beach on August 28th and 29th 2021.

The Queen is not a surf contest.

It’s some of the best female classic long boarders from all around Europe having fun on Aimée, Amaya and Margaux’s home spot.

The Queen is not a music festival.

It’s two days of live concerts with every kind of music to dance to. Between Dancehall-Electro-Punk, the girls just wanted to create something that felt like the good old times.

The Queen is not an art festival.

They’ve invited well-represented artists who are killing the game. But all the artists will be challenged to rethink their work and redraw La Cote’s landscape during the festival.


The Queen sparks discussion

The festival will host three live podcasts: 

Is surf homophobic? 

Hypersexualisation in surf marketing

Gentrification in the Basque region
Four more episodes will be recorded later in the year.

The Queen is an association with the end goal of highlighting and discussing important social causes impacting the surf world as women.